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Why Use PreEmployment Tools?

“The practice of using a variety of tests and procedures to more fully assess people is referred to as the whole-person approach to personnel assessment. This will help reduce the number of selection errors made and will boost effectiveness of your decision.” - The U.S. Department of Labor

Our Assessments combine science with technology to provide reliable data on candidates when making hiring decisions. We help employers and job seekers measure compatibility by examining aptitude, interests and personality; along with company-fit and job-fit.


Our Benchmarks are customized job-fit profiles created based on the characteristics of an ideal employee for the position. Think of it as matching puzzle pieces; the best individual is the one who aligns well with the job’s role and your company’s corporate culture. 

Personality/Job Fit Assessments


Measures a candidate's learning speed and reasoning skills, based on their abilities to work with:

  • Numbers

  • Shapes

  • Words


Discover a candidate's areas of interests and motivations based on their interests to work with:

  • People

  • Data

  • Things


Looks at a candidate's traits and working style under the major scales of:

  • Independence

  • Conscientiousness

  • Extraversion

  • Stability 

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